The Landmarks of Theatre Acting

Slovenian Theatre Institute

Permanent exhibition

The making of the exhibition The Landmarks of Theatre Acting arose from the intent to come closer to the elusive artistic expression existing only in the moment of the performance. Since it is not possible to capture and preserve the wholeness of its actualisation, the exhibition’s approach is only one of those possible. The exceptionally broad field of theatre acting in Slovenia is thus addressed from different points of view:

Chronological, as an abridged historical overview of individual chapters and some outstanding acting expressions;

Comparative, where stylistic differences are presented through different stagings of two central characters from plays by Ivan Cankar, a drama author with substantial influence on Slovenian theatre;

Experimental, introducing selected examples of a different approach to acting and theatre creativity;

Pedagogical, gathering the reflections of current professors of the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana (UL AGRFT) on the formation of new generations of actors, acting methods and techniques.

Spectators are invited to start the quest of discovering the art of theatre acting by entering a typical theatre space – an auditorium. However, the exhibition also wants to attract attention outside of the hall: with reflections, memories and anecdotes, which, in their own way, contribute to the preservation of theatre acting.

The essential principle of preparing the exhibited contents was the use of photographic, audio and other materials that belong to the collections of the Slovenian Theatre Institute – Theatre Museum. Besides the cooperation of the UL AGRFT and the Slovenian theatre institutions and producers, Tone Stojko provided great help with his rich archive of video recordings.

The contents of recorded exhibition chapters are introduced by actors Sara Dirnbek and Blaž Šef.

The author of the exhibition is Ana Perne, theatre expert and curator in the Slovenian Theatre Institute – Theatre Museum.

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