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Sculptor Slavko Tihec, the pioneer of kinetic art in Slovenia, incorporated elements of pop art in his oeuvre. This tendency is particularly noticeable in his monumental composition Micro And Macro Cosmos in the farewell facility at Dobrava Cemetery, where the artist prioritized the visual effect over the physical subject. The piece is composed of equally long but differently designed verticals. Looking at the composition, several circumferences emerge: the largest at its very centre and several smaller at its sides. They are reminiscent of Tihec’s Aquamobiles series from the late 70s. Using differently designed vertical lamellas, the sculptor also designed the monument dedicated to the Slovenian literary giant Ivan Cankar on Trg Republike Square in Ljubljana. The theory of micro- and macrocosm originated in ancient Greece and refers to a philosophical vision of the cosmos according to which every part of the universe, no matter how small, reflects the whole. The theory was later supplemented by a hypothesis that the human body (microcosm) is a reflection of the universe (macrocosm), in which philosophers looked for a connection between nature and the human body. Tihec’s mural in the farewell facility may be regarded as a link between two ancient traditions - that of the Greek philosophers on one hand and of Christian thinkers on the other. Both traditions view an individual as a small part of something much larger, which Tihec, in an attempt to ease the grief of the mourners, skilfully used as an allusion to the afterlife. (Jure Donša, in the framework of the Creative Path to Knowledge project, Virtual guide; The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Social Fund)







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