Welcome to Museums.SI - the Slovenian Museum Portal

Welcome to Museums.SI - the Slovenian Museum Portal

Museums.SI is a web portal that presents museums, galleries and other cultural institutions in Slovenia. We started the project at Semantika in 2007, when we opened the Online Gallery.

Museums.SI is intended for anyone interested in work and events in Slovenian cultural institutions. It presents Slovenian museums and galleries and offers and overview of exhibitions, events and pedagogical programs. Museums.SI simplifies browsing through published collections and objects and provides advanced search for published data. It also presents authors in a transparent way, allows you to view virtual exhibitions and to read various articles.

Data on the portal is contributed by museums and galleries through the museum documentation system Galis.

Info and help

We are developing the Museums.SI portal at Semantika. For more information about us and our work, we are happy to provide you with the links below.


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Gewerkenegg castle, foto: Tomo Jeseničnik,

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Information system for cultural heritage

National gallery, foto: Janko Dermastja,

Web application

Online galis for easier access

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Easy publishing of data

Terms of use

Terms of use and copyright

Portal Museums.SI is for information purposes only. The contents of the portal are provided by Slovenian museums and galleries, published in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act. Company Semantika d.o.o. in no case shall be liable for the content and accuracy of the published information. 

Content on the portal is protected by copyright. They may not be reprocessed, reproduced, distributed or leased, whether commercial or non-commercial. It is also prohibited to automatically collect information from this site and to copy content to other websites or applications. 

Any use without permission is prohibited and may result in the victim's liability or criminal liability. 

If you see the copyrighted content on the portal you are the holder of, please let us know and immediately we will act.

Use of data, published on Museums.SI

The contents of the portal are contributed by Slovene cultural institutions, published in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act. 

To obtain permission to use photos or other data from, please contact the institution that posted the information directly. 

Please include the name of the institution and the source at each photo: Example of the source of the photo: 

Source of Photography: Museum of National Liberation Maribor,

Purchase and sale of objects and contacts of authors

At Semantika, we do not deal with the sale and purchase of museum objects and works of art. If you are selling an item, if you want to appraise it, etc., contact one of the cultural institutions. You can find their information in the Museums and Galleries section. 

We also can not provide you with contact details from individual authors

Join the Slovenian Museum Community

Join the Slovenian Museum Community

The contents of the Museums.SI portal are contributed by museums, galleries and other institutions that take care of cultural heritage in Slovenia. The data is entered via the Galis information system and via the web site editor Museums. Please let us know if your institution is not at Museums.SI or would like to edit and update existing information. We will be happy to contribute!


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