Who and when does rebel dance?

Slovenian Theatre Institute

Lecture / 14.12.2023, 21:00 - 22:00

Gašper Troha: Who dances the rebel dance and when?
Sławomir Mrożek: Tango

v Drama Kavarni, SNG Drama Ljubljana
(Erjavčeva 1, Ljubljana).

Tango is a special play by an even more special playwright. Sławomir Mrożek was a Polish writer and journalist who, together with his wife, went on a tourist trip to Italy in 1963 and stayed there. Tango was first published in 1964 in the Polish theatre magazine Dialog, and was first performed in the former Yugoslavia, more specifically in Belgrade on 21 April 1965. Since 1960, when his Police was staged at the SLG Celje (directed by Janez Vrhunc), Mrožek has been a constant presence on the Slovenian stage, with the Repertoire of Slovenian Theatres recording no fewer than 28 productions of his works. Five of them are productions of Tango.

The lecture by Gašper Troha, Director of the Slovenian Theatre Institute, will reveal the meanings of drama text, the ways in which it has been staged in Slovenia and the echoes of this Mrozek's play. So who danced this rebellious Argentine dance? Against whom was the rebellion directed?

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