Mengeš Town Museum

The Town Museum of Mengeš is a private institution that was established on the 28th of April 1995 and was granted by the Mengeš Municipality a concession to perform museum activity and restore the Mengeš unmovable cultural heritage.

Temporary exhibitions of the Museum preserve and present the following collections: Archaeological Collection with finds from all archaeological periods; Ethnological Collection; various collections of different activities: Franc Kremžar Pottery Collection; Straw-Hat Manufacturing Collection; Glazed Tiles Collection; Collection of Joiner’s and Carpenter’s Tools and Instruments; Shoemaking Collection; Beer Brewing Collection; Collection of Fashionable Clothing designed by the first Slovenian fashion designer after the Second World War, Ivan Debevec; Musical Instrument Collection; Needlework Collection; Handkerchief Collection; Postcard Collection etc.; then there are collections sorted by famous personalities: Jelovšek Collection, Hallerstein Collection, Janez Trdina Collection, Collection of the Legacy of Minka Kompara etc; Art Work Collection; Minka Kompara Library; Museum Collection.

The Museum is also involved in rich publishing activity.



Trdinov trg 4, 1234 Mengeš


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