Documents - 60 years, from theatre magazine to book collection

Slovenian Theatre Institute

Temporary exhibition / 07.03.2024 - 28.05.2024

In 1964, the first issue of the Documents of the Slovenian Theatre Museum was published, which - after the MGL Library - is the second oldest theatre book collection in Slovenia. The Documents were born out of a desire to present and interpret historical material on theatre. They have been with us for many decades, fulfilling their original mission in various ways. Anniversaries are an opportunity to look back on the journey we have travelled and also to celebrate a little, because the oldest collection of the Slovenian Theatre Museum/Institute is still alive and well.

To date, more than eighty volumes or one hundred and five issues have been published. More than one hundred and fifty authors - including some of Slovenia's most eminent artists, publicists and researchers - have contributed articles or monographs to the core material for theatre history, which is complemented by works published in other collections of the Slovenian Theatre Museum.

On the occasion of this anniversary, we remember the editors, writers and other contributors, and we wish that the Documents of the Slovenian Theatre Institute, as the collection has been called for the last ten years, will continue to bring us in-depth analyses of our past and contemporary theatre work.

The exhibition will be on display in the hall on the 1st floor of the Slovenian Theatre Institute until 28 May 2024.



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