Straw Hat Museum

The Straw Hat Museum carries out its mission through the permanent exhibition of the vast collection of straw hats, manufacturing materials and equipment, as well as copious documentation that includes photographs and pertinent biographical accounts.

The museum safeguards and stores this collection, along with acquiring latest research, and disseminates the knowhow of making straw hats. It has now become a meeting place for people who see a particular value in the preservation of this heritage whose main function is to be a shared platform and an important element in strengthening local and national identities.

The permanent exhibit on the first floor takes us through the history of straw plaiting and straw hat sewing in Europe, particularly in Domžale and its surrounding areas. Visitors to the museum become acquainted with the processes of straw plaiting and straw hat making, as well as with the tools and equipment that were used. A rich collection of straw hats is also on display. The collection presents the different types, colours, materials and patterns of plaits from which the seamstresses made straw hats. Visitors may even try on certain models of hats.

On the ground floor there is a room for temporary exhibits and events, as well as the museum shop. For groups booked in advance it is possible to organise a presentation of straw hat sewing and straw plaiting (subject to an additional fee). Themed guidance with experiential and creative workshops are offered to kindergarten and school groups. Every year in June, a Straw Hat Fair is organised as a single day event aimed at getting together and learning about the straw hat heritage. Different events such as talks, concerts and gatherings are organised as well. These events are called Meetings under the straw hats.



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