Virtual Castle

Ljubljana Castle

Permanent exhibition

A twelve-minute projection showing the history of the Ljubljana Castle, its architectural development, archaeological discoveries – all the way through to its present image!

The Virtual Museum, located under the Lookout Tower of the Ljubljana Castle since 2001, was in January 2012 given a new image as the Virtual Castle. A technical, spatial and content renovation of the past Virtual Museum diversified the offer at the Castle, taking visitors for an interesting virtual walk along the Castle’s history.

The virtual walk along the Castle’s history will surprise visitors with its interesting content and a dynamic as well as instructive presentation of the history of the Ljubljana Castle, its architectural development and archaeological discoveries from the prehistoric times, late Bronze Age, the Classical Era, early Middle Ages, Middle Ages, Early Modern Period through to today.

The Virtual Castle enables not only journeys into the past of the Ljubljana Castle, but also offers vast knowledge and deliberation on the development, intended use and cultural heritage of the Castle.

The 12-minute projection can be viewed in Slovenian, English, Croatian, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean language.



Grajska planota 1, Ljubljana Ljubljana


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